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Quiet Desert at The Arroyos Preserve

A Unique Marketplace for this project


The Arroyos Preserve is a planned community of RV Estate Lots and condominium RV Lots designed to accommodate the growing need for established RV communities in the Southwest.

The numbers of Americans traveling to the region of La Paz Valley where The Arroyos Preserve is located is growing and the interest in remaining in the area for the winter season and beyond is also expanding, and for good reason.

A vast majority of the annual visitors come from the North as they escape the cold weather in favor of the more desirable winter climate of Arizona. As well, there's a large number of folks from California who come to enjoy the newest recreational craze: Off-Roading. Many visitors make this trip repeatedly giving this territory an annual boost of $1 billion of revenue across the southland in places like Mesa, Apache Junction, Yuma and Quartzsite. Each has its own attraction, but those that are unique to the Quartzsite area are the famed Rock and Mineral Show, the annual RV Tent show and the appeal of more open space surrounding the area. A number of other regional attractions are close by for enjoyment including hiking and biking, ATV fun riding on the new Arizona Peace Trail, mining, and many water sports, including fishing, along the Colorado River.

The peak of visitors dwindles once seasonal events are over, but more and more remain and continue to make this region their home until mid-May. Many would consider year-round living if they resided in an area with more recreational amenities than what the current parks offer.
Additionally, there are those who have enjoyed the full-time RV lifestyle for several years and are simply ready to get out of the confining quarters of the motor home for a small, but more comfortable home. Many of these folks have raised the family back home, have sold their businesses or farms, and want to leave the cold weather for good. They are very desirous to become “reverse snowbirds” with their main residence in this region with travel in the summer back to the family.

Either way, this community has the appeal that the rest of the country is looking for, including the potential for survivalist living, not subject to the municipal water supply or the large utility companies.

In addition to home buyers, there is a group who wants to acquire one (or more) “RV lot(s)”, ones where they can drive their recreational vehicles to and live for the season or a portion of the season with the amenities of a resort. These folks have both the desire and the means to make the shift to living in a resort community, far enough from the congestion of metropolitan areas, but close enough for reasonable access, all the while being surrounded by the wide open expanses of the quiet Sonoran desert and sky. An RV resort atmosphere is more important to this market, and many buyers have the ability to purchase RV sites in several different parts of the southwest. These owners often trade occupancy dates among themselves as they socialize south in the winter and north in the summer. When the RV site is not being occupied, it is offered for rent to others who are traveling a similar circuit of RV resort hopping during the year. The timeshare ownership market is not being overlooked and would be addressed in marketing The Arroyos Preserve.

The RV Resort Lots would be uniformly 50 x 60 ft and would comfortably accommodate RVs of all sizes. Because of the planned large width of the lots, construction of permanent structures for storage, or small residences called casitas could be built in this section. Site -built homes would be permitted here, as well.
[See sample Mesquite floor plan.]

The RV Estate Lots would range in size from 7,000 s.f. to over 17,000 s.f., providing adequate room for average- to large-size houses with attached RV storage garages.
[See plans for Saguaro and The Palm Model homes.]

CC&Rs would apply, among other things, to reduce light pollution and noise.

Some of the amenities for The Arroyos Preserve RV Estates and Resort include:

  • Swimming Pool with outsized deck area
  • 9-hole Pitch-n-Putt golf course with 2 holes over 100 yards
  • Horseshoe pits, barbeque and outdoor cooking areas
  • Pickleball courts
  • Bathrooms with showers
  • Tree-lined arroyos crisscrossing the property
  • Easily accessible natural, undisturbed BLM land bordering 3 sides of the project for nature walking and hiking enjoyment
  • Environmentally focused project design for peaceful enjoyment of the unique desert atmosphere including reduced light pollution for night time star gazing and reduced noise for serene atmosphere.
The entire package of expansive living, rural town freedom, majestic views, sports and recreation of all types, responsible independence for off the grid living, if desired, AND the time to develop one's site as much or as little as one would want hit virtually ALL the marks for the growing RV community looking for the flexibility to come and enjoy “the season” for as long as they may wish.


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